Publishing Ethics

Science Impact Publishers, Pakistan, believes that research must be conducted according to the full and appropriate ethical agenda, universally acceptable to the research community. Any issue associated to the publication ethics will be handled seriously at the Editorial Office and, if proven, Science Impact Publishers reserves the right to reject the manuscript and may contact the ethics committee or the concerning committee of the author’s institutions for appropriate actions.

If authors want to retract articles, they should inform the Editorial Office with a retraction letter explaining the reason. Authors also reserve the right to appeal against the Editor’s decision on the manuscript in writing to the Editorial Office. Science Impact Publishers accepts papers not for business or political gain but on intellectual and ethical standards only.

The Editorial Office will also strictly monitor for plagiarism and obvious fraudulent data prior to the processing of the manuscript for review process and, if plagiarism is detected at this stage or latter, the manuscript will be rejected. 

Publication of scientific contents is meticulous, methodical and comprehensive processes that involve good ethical and managerial practices. To effectively maintain high publication standards, Science Impact Publishers strives to work with editors, authors, peer-reviewers and copy editors.

The publication ethics attributed to all journals of Science Impact Publishers are based on the guidelines of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) Code of Conduct Comprehensively described at These publication ethics are briefly described to provide a snapshot for authors, reviewers, editors and readers.