Editorial Policy

The editorial office will review the submitted article for acceptance for review process within one week of submission.

 We generally follow double-blind reviewing except for the journals where we employ single-blinded approach. In these cases, it is clearly mentioned in the Author’s guidelines.

Reviewers are selected based on their best-matched expertise to the contents being reviewed. Occasionally, author’s recommendations are considered, however, rarely decisions are based solely on these recommendations.

Reviewers are expected to only accept to review the manuscript when the scope of the research/study falls within his/her areas of expertise and that they have sufficient time to submit the report timely.

Reviewers shall decline to review the manuscript if there is any conflict of interest, the study is beyond the ken of knowledge or they are unable to submit the evaluation in time. They shall notify the editors at their earliest convenience and can/shall suggestive alternative reviewers.

Reviewers are requested to comments on scientific contents, appropriateness of the study and value of the outcome. They are requested to not to assess the manuscripts based on race, gender, geographical origin, religion, and ethnicity and on any other personal or commercial interests.

Reviewers shall adhere to the criteria set by the journal in the online portal. Any comments on competing interests, duplication of publication, unethical practice or dubious act shall be conducted to the editor in the “confidential comments to the Editor” section in the online submission system.

The decision of the editor is based on the reviewer’s recommendation. Occasionally, contradictive reviewer’s reports require additionally feedback and thus cause delay in editor’s decision.

Editor’s decision include comments from reviewers, editorial concerns, editor’s comments and instructions to submit revisions if applied. The interested reviewers are then sent the revised manuscripts to approve or reject the revision made by the author. The whole process of submission to publication will be competed in maximum four months.